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Fusion – Hybrid Cloud Platform

Fusion is Charterhouse’s hybrid cloud communications platform, designed to deliver secure collaboration and customer experience applications to users, regardless of their location.

Why Cloud?

IT and communication are now based in the cloud. It is transforming the business landscape, offering flexibility, functionality, availability, and security to organisations of all sizes. These advantages set the cloud apart from traditional local infrastructures.

Why Charterhouse?

CVD deliver technology that drives business success. Enterprise businesses trust CVD to provision and support the technology that underpins
their operations.


We make it as simple as possible to work with us. Our partnerships with leading technology providers, our unrivalled experience, and our industry expertise combine to give customers confidence that we will deliver to their requirements, every time.

Why Fusion?

Fusion is a highly available hybrid cloud platform, delivering secure collaboration, customer experience, and IT applications to your users, regardless of their location.
With a 99.99% availability SLA, your users and your customers can rely on the highest levels of uptime from Fusion.

Fusion supports your digital transformation journey as you transition services to the cloud. Whatever your cloud requirements, Fusion is your flexible platform for innovation.



When using fusion you pay for what you want, when you want. Which means you spin up a new application server as well as create additional user quickly and easily.




Fusion can deliver the functionality your business needs to drive productivity and remain competitive. Empower your users with access to the latest tools to do their job, wherever they are.





Fusion also helps provide secure infrastructure, connectivity, apps, and endpoints which means your business is compliant and your data, users, and customers are protected.






Whether it’s mobile users accessing through smart devices, or extending operational hours through automation, the cloud always has ultimate availability.





Fusion will help your business embrace:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Internet of Things
  • Customer Experience
  • Artificial Intelligence

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